Revenge Of The Record Labels: How The Majors Renewed Their Grip On Music

This story appears in the May 4, 2015 issue of Forbes. Click the image to read.

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How is Spotify contributing to the music business?

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The Big Three in the Music Industry

Who are the Big Three in the Music Industry? Sony. Universal. Warner.

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Click below to read the wikipedia article about the music industry and how record labels are structured

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Andrew Keen – The Internet is NOT the Answer and The Cult of the Amateur

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 13.10.59Andrew Keen is one of the world’s best known and controversial commentators on the digital revolution.

He is the author of three books: Cult of the Amateur, Digital Vertigo and his current international hit The Internet Is Not The Answer which the London Sunday Times acclaimed as a “powerful, frightening read” and the Washington Post called “an enormously useful primer for those of us concerned that online life isn’t as shiny as our digital avatars would like us to believe”.

 In 2015, he was named by GQ magazine in their list of the “100 Most Connected Men”. (From his website

One of his arguments is that the Internet, and online culture, devalues professional artists and thinkers and creates a world of amateurs. Here he is talking about his views on the Internet and how it is also creating further economic and cultural global inequality:

Keen states that companies like Google, Facebook and Apple are not trying to improve the world through social media and technology but rather improve themselves.

He argues that we have become members of a giant data factory where nearly everything we do is linked to providing data for these big companies. We are willingly turning ourselves into slaves.

He argues against people like David Gauntlet when it comes to things like Web 2.0:

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Check his Wikipedia page for more. 

This article from The Guardian explains it further. Click on the quote below:

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Quotes by Andrew Keen:

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This presentation is a really good exploration of Keen’s main ideas and will be a very useful revision tool for your exam.

Andrew Keen Presentation click to download



Put your face in Santigold’s interactive video for ‘Can’t Get Enough of Myself’

Check out this recent article from The Verge about Santigold’s new single and how she is using media technologies to promote it.

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Vinyl sales are up

Check out this article from two years ago about the rise, fall and rise again of Rough Trade Records.

Vinyl sales are up? It seems to go against the trend of technology so why might this be?

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After that I’ve put links to recent article where the rise of vinyl is discussed.

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UK’s first official vinyl chart launched as sales rise

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Vinyl record sales hit 18-year high

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Vinyl sales are still on the rise in 2015, fueling a revival that keeps pointing up

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