Music Distribution

Music Distribution is concerned with how the products gets from the Institution to the actual Audience. This can happen in many ways and it has changed over time and will probably continue to do so.

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What is Music Distribution?

It might sound like a silly question but you’d be surprised how hard it can be to give an accurate definition of what music distribution actually is.

In the first instance, an image of physical albums being transported to shops around the country may spring to mind, and in essence that is the main concept. Music distribution is the process of getting music from artist to store, making it available to the public for purchase, whether that store be a physical or digital music retailer.

what is music distribution


The more traditional method of distribution; this is how albums get into shops. A distribution company signs deals with record labels or artists that then gives them the right to sell that label’s or artist’s music to shops that have an account with the distributor. Put simply the distributing company act as a middleman between the artist/record label and the store.


Digital distribution works much the same, just on a different platform. Instead of transporting albums to a physical store the distribution company will distribute music in digital format (usually mp3 or .wav) to online music platforms such as iTunes, Spotify and AmazonMP3.

Some digital distributors accept everyone that wishes to sell via their site. Others also sell via their own site but are more picky with who they allow to sell on it.

Horus Music accept musicians that provide music in a standard that would be deemed acceptable by the stores then distributes it to over 600 download, streaming, mobile and radio platforms in 170+ countries.

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