What a Case Study Looks Like

You might be thinking, what does a music Case Study for Section B: Institutions and Audiences even look like? Here are some things which your case study should cover:

  • You’re looking at the interaction of the following three aspects: the institution itself (the music industry, which includes labels, distributors, artists, bands etc.) the product (which includes songs, albums and even the artist as a ‘brand’) and of course, the consumer (the audience)
  • You’ll also be considering the role technology has had on the Institution and Audience.  Both hardware, software and for both groups. Just think about how the different experiences your parents had with purchasing and listening to music to what you do?

Here is an example of a Case Study based on Lady Gaga:

Lady Gaga – Sony Music Entertainment

This is the kind of detailed research you’ll need to do.



Author: reno

I teach Media, Film, Video Games and Photography college level in the UK. I'm really into education technologies and creativity. I'm on Instagram.

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