This is a really good five minute video on the rise of the Prosumer:


David Gauntlett’s theory Making is Connecting

In his book “Making is Connecting” David Gauntlett explores the idea that it is essential to be a prosumer in our society, rather than just a consumer. To be a “prosumer” is to be the one who produces new things, and to be a “consumer” is to merely absorb the things society already gives us. Without the prosumers, society cannot flourish and it becomes boring. Usually, we would consume what the people in power give us, with only one point of view, but according to Gauntlett people feel the need to shape and create their own environment so that they play a part and feel embedded in the world. People want to make things because it creates a sense of self as active in society, and through making, they can connect to other people who share the same interests and therefore be recognised within this community.

Nowadays the most popular place where people can become prosumers and be recognised by other likeminded people is the internet. The internet gives agency to people, especially the minorities who are often unheard by the majorities. A very popular tool used by a lot of people is personal websites, such as blogs. Many people are able to make their own things and then present it in a blog, like for example creating texts, photographs, giving their opinion about something, etc. The internet not only allows the prosumers to show what they create and contribute to society, as it allows society to interact with it and give their own opinions. This activity keeps the fluency in society and it helps people to connect with each other, as for example, a blog that is covers fashion will cause other people interested in fashion to interact with the prosumer and share ideas/opinions. This type of interaction between the prosumer and society brings many benefits to both parts, as they are allowed to see all the different point of views directed at the same interest/topic, and this can help people evolve.

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I teach Media, Film, Video Games and Photography college level in the UK. I'm really into education technologies and creativity. I'm on Instagram.

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