Research on the negative impact of the Internet

Media in the Online Age

Here is a collection of articles, blogs and essays which look at the negative impact the Internet has had on various media industries. These will be really useful for the timed essay next week and of course, as revision for the exam.



What does the future of publishing look like?

Media in the Online Age

Interesting article from The Guardian about the future of the publishing industry. Really useful revision for our unit.

We asked five industry experts including Trinity Mirror boss Simon Fox, Guardian columnist Roy Greenslade and former Elle editor Lorraine Candy to share their views.

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Radio Debate: Digital technology is making children’s lives richer

Media in the Online Age

New BBC Radio 4 programme called Glass Half Full. In this episode they ask the question of whether or not digital technology is enriching children’s lives. This is a cracking piece of revision for the exam Section B.

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In a debate recorded in front of an audience at the London School of Economics and Political Science, Fi Glover examines the thoughts of pessimists and optimists. She asks not only what they think about the effect digital technology has on children, but also how their views are informed by their contrasting mindsets. Where does their optimism or pessimism come from?

Baroness Martha Lane Fox, an invincible optimist and tech entrepreneur, says children are naturally predisposed to learn, and digital technology provides endless opportunities for development. She considers that we romanticise traditional childhoods spent outside in the fresh air but, in reality, children must tap the social and educational potential of tablets and smart phones if they are to be prepared for life in our digital world.

Andrew Keen, an entrepreneur himself as well as being one of the most influential pessimistic commentators on the digital age, takes the opposite view. He believes our children are immersed in digital media before they can walk, stunting their development, damaging their health, and making them less able to interact with real-life people. He says the internet monetises every aspect of our children’s lives, their personal data harvested for the use of governments and corporations.

Three expert witnesses are called to give evidence – Professor Sugata Mitra, educationalist Sue Palmer, and technology expert and presenter Julia Hardy.

The pessimist and the optimist cross-examine the witnesses and, to conclude, the audience votes. Is the glass half empty or half full?

How You Watch TV Is About To Change Forever

Media in the Online Age

Great article over at Time about the future of the television industry and how the Internet is playing a huge part in it. Really great research for the exam. Also, it comes with a video, which you can watch below but don’t forget to check out the article. 

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UK music industry braced for Brexit

The Music Industry

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Check this BBC article about the music industry as it gives us some fantastic research about the industry, spotify, politics and royalties. It’s solid gold!