Alone Together

Media in the Online Age

I was having coffee with Mr Lomas in the staffroom and we were discussing the modern world. I mentioned the unit we are studying and how we’ve been exploring the notion of the myth of being connected when we are actually becoming more and more atomised as a society. He said this is similar to a sociologist called Sherry Turkle who has argued many people have a desire to be, ‘alone together‘.

You can check out her TED Talk about it here.

She has some really interesting things to say and extremely relevant for our unit. Read the above article and watch the TED Talk and collate notes on her main points. Consider what she is saying about the effect online media has had on society.

Also, check out this blog.

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 14.10.44

You might also want to watch this short YouTube video on I share, therefore I am! The Innovation of Loneliness

And he’s a cracking video from Tech Crunch featuring our main man, Andrew Keen, interviewing Sherry Turkle.


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