Narrative Theory

Resources for today’s recap on Narrative Theory for prep for the A2 exam Section A Question B

5 Act Structure


Propp’s Morphology of the Folk Tale


Screen Shot 2016-09-09 at 08.13.06.png

The Five Codes: click on the presentation link below



Levi-Strauss – Binary Opposition in Narrative


Look at the above presentation about Levi-Strauss’ Binary Opposition idea can be used in media texts. Consider how this can be applied to your coursework.

You should also look at this to help cement your understanding: binaryopposition

Here is Paul Adbul’s music video for her song, Opposites Attract

Barthes – Narrative Codes


Look at the above presentation on the Five Narrative Codes of Barthes and consider how you can apply these to your coursework.


Check out this short video about representation and media

And this Power Point presentation about gender and representation in TV Drama: TVDramaGender


Ah, Narrative. This is one of our main Key Concepts and something we study throughout our course, as you know. This post should offer lots of resources for you to revise and understand. I’ll embed some Word docs in the form of essays as well as some presentations.

But before I do that, I need to clarify that narrative and story are different. As you know, narrative is how the story is structured, presented and ordered.

Narrative doesn’t just refer to film and television either.

Introduction to Narrative

Easy Narrative

Hero With a Thousand Faces

Intro to Propp

Narrative Devices


Syd Field Film Paradigm

And check out these presentations:

Narrative Theory from guest9e3b3b