People Rely On Social Media For News

Media in the Online Age REVISION

Check out this Huff Post article about how social media is changing the way people receive their news. Click above or the following image.

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Sneak Peak of Salisbury 6th Form College’s New Building

Here is a sneak peak of the brand new purpose built building for Salisbury 6th Form College. Produced by George Traynor, Alex Knight and Toby Cole.



Media in the Online Age Revision Class

Hi everyone

In our revision class today I’d like to go through the following four questions and ensure that everyone feels confident in how to answer them:

  • How have online media developed?
  • What has been the impact of the internet on media production?
  • How is consumer behaviour and audience response transformed by online media.
  • To what extent has convergence transformed the media?

You need to have significant research on at least two different media in order to fully answer the exam question. In addition, an understanding of past, present and future issues.

Today you will ensure you have a detailed document on each of the four prompts above. This blog has a lot of relevant research already here for you but it is also vital that you have your own.

To help, here are some useful sites that I use that explore Media in the Online Age as well as other issues relating to technology.


Talking Heads’ David Byrne talks music industry, film and art

David Byrne is best known for his music with Talking Heads, but his influence as an artist extends to film, photography and theater. For nearly 40 years, he has been outspoken about the music industry. Byrne joins “CBS This Morning.”

The Music Industry Needs To Be More Transparent | Music Discussion